A certified company

Our company is certified under several standards which guarantee that our global management system is regularly audited, optimised and that we are constantly improving.
Here are the different standards on which we are evaluated each year in order to continue to improve our Quality - Safety - Environment approach.

In 2008 we were certified ISO 9001. This standard ensures that our global approach places us in a process of constant improvement.

In 2008 we were certified ISO 1400, which ensures that the ecological dimension of the production process is measured, and that we reduce the impact of our activity on the environment on a daily basis.

In 2016 our partner producer was certified ISO 50001. This standard ensures the improvement of energy performance.

In 2017 our producer partner was certified ISO 26000. This standard is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach to assess the commitment of organizations to sustainable development as well as their overall performance.

En 2022, nous obtenons avec succès la certification ISO 27001 pour la maîtrise de notre système de management de la sécurité des système d'information.