ISO 50001 certification attests to responsible and well thought-out energy management

  • Fossil fuel phase-out: no more gas and Green Energy electricity contract
  • Hybrid or electric company cars
  • The lighting is exclusively LED and operates with presence detectors
  • Individually and time-controlled heating systems
  • Automatic variable speed compressor control (only if required)
  • Turning on air conditioners and heaters when the temperature is below 10°C
  • Installation of variable frequency drives on all electric motors
  • All computers are low power mini PCs
  • Offsetting the carbon footprint by planting trees with Planète Urgence



Optimised transport

  • Grouping of batches to reduce CO² emissions per Kg/Km transported
  • 80% private transport avoids many load breaks
  • Private transport is carried out with trucks running on ethanol (biofuel) 


Heritage industrial bâtiment renovation
  • Less carbon released by renovation than construction
  • Reinforced insulation
  • Installation of solar panels to achieve a positive energy balance
  • .


ISO 14001 certification defines the criteria for an environmental management system
  • Elimination of rinsing water discharges (without treatment, only by storage and reintroduction)
  • Rainwater harvesting for manufacturing
  • Progressive choice of raw materials of plant origin
  • Manufacturing of Ecocert products
  • Packaging of a wide range of biotechnology products
  • Marketing of concentrated products
  • Signatory of the Sustainable Cleaning Charter


Lightweight packaging
  • Reducing the weight of packaging
  • Use and supply of all types of dosing systems
  • Choice of dye-free packaging
  • Extensive waste sorting for reuse
  • Return of certain packaging: containers, drums, pallets
  • Sea Acting sponsorship
  • Participation in waste collection by employees


ISO 9001 certification provides guarantees in terms of organisational quality.
Certification ISO 45001 takes into account the risks and opportunities.
  • Total digital transition no more computer input (other than texts)
  • Paperless: no more printers except for delivery notes and pallet identification sheets
  • Full dematerialisation of documents in-house
  • Dematerialisation of pay slips
  • Dematerialisation of supplier invoices
  • No more paper filing
  • Telework encouraged (22% of hours worked)


Protect and Develop
  • Hive sponsorship (100+ hives sponsored or in progress)
  • Birdhouses incorporated into walls
  • Lights out at night